Instructions for the steam method

Venous stasis disease treatment. How is Traditional Sclerotherapy Different from the UGFS Method?

The steam method What is the steam method?

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The steam method is an innovation in minimally invasive vascular surgery aiming to eliminate veins by heating their walls with the use of this new technique. This treatment method has been in use sinceand was awarded by the European Forum of Vascular Surgery in for being the best and most original method of treating varices.

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Instructions for the steam method The steam method is excellent for eliminating any type venous stasis disease treatment varice or chronic venous insufficiency. Steam method treatment procedure During the intervention hot vapors are injected under pressure with the aid of special fine catheters.

What is the steam method?

Water under pressure is injected through a micro-tube, which has an internal diameter of 0. The hot water will exit the tube in the form of steam puffs, which have venous stasis disease treatment temperature of degrees Celsius.

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A catheter is joined to the end of the tube, where the steam is pumped out. This catheter serves the purpose of leading the steam into the vein.

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The temperature of the steam entering the vein is approximately degrees Celsius. The thermal excision method using steam requires employing a 1.

Dar, până la urmă- a fost obținută o măsură unică, nu numai terapeutică, ci și preventivă în lupta împotriva varicelor, care are un certificat de calitate și licență, toate studiile clinice necesare au fost efectuate.

The procedure is done by using a local anesthetic. It is conducted under echographic guidance and lasts approximately minutes.

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The advantages of the procedure Lack of pain: the procedure does not cause any sort of pain. Any type of pain that might occur is similar to a minor discomfort.

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Safety: the heat transfer during the procedure applying the steam method is done under 1 second. Versatility: the steam method can be applied to treat any type of varicose vein due to the fact that steam can reach the smallest portions of the vein to which a catheter cannot have access to. It reduces the risk of having venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Phlebology is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of venous system disorders. Phlebology was developed in order to allow physicians to treat venous disorders and share their knowledge and clinical experience, even if they specialize in other medical areas, such as dermatology, vascular surgery, haematology or general medicine.

It reduces the risk of having or experiencing recurring venous ulcer. Using steam guarantees the homogenous diffusion of heat. Collateral varicose veins can be treated during the same treatment session.

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Post-op recovery The intervention is conducted with the use of a local anesthetic. This method does not leave scars and excludes the possibility of causing hematomas unlike traditional varice elimination interventions, which plucked the faulty veins through a procedure called stripping, or laser surgery, which may cause burn marks.

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A probability of relapse for the varicose disease is extremely low, and the aesthetic improvements are undisputed and spectacular.