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Venous stasis. The steam method


    din cauza a ceea ce se întâmpla venele varicoase

    Source: Romanian Medical Journal. The primary objective was to evaluate the patients from the perspective of the associated aggravating risk factors frequency prolonged standing or sitting, obesity, family history, smoking, lack of elastic compression, previous deep or superficial venous thrombosis, venous reflux, venous stasis, multiparity, contraception.

    The secondary objective was to analyze the frequency of signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency. The survey has collected data from patients during October - Novemberby involving 15 specialists of internal medicine from 10 big cities of Romania.

    picioarele umflaturi în câmpurile varicoase

    Aggravating risk factors of the disease have been reported with the following frequency: family history Signs of the disease were reported with the following frequency: varicose veins Symptoms of the disease appeared with the frequency: heavy legs venous stasis It is necessary to continue this epidemiological survey and expand the significance of the investigation, with the possibility of applying the treatment for this condition as recommended by the therapeutic current guidelines, in order to increase adherence and therapeutic efficacy.

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    operaiuni venele varicoase pe picioare

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